Fmwhatsapp download introduction

Fmwhatsapp download introduction

Fmwhatsapp is an application for communication between smartphones, which supports Android phones. With the help of push notification service, this application can instantly receive the information sent by relatives, friends and colleagues. You can switch from sending SMS to using fmwhatsapp program for free to send and receive messages, pictures, audio files and video messages.

Fmwhatsapp Download

Fmwhatsapp is registered based on the mobile phone number. When registering, the user needs to enter the mobile phone number and accept a verification message. Then fmwhatsapp will search the user's mobile phone contacts for the people who are already in use and automatically add them to the user's mobile phone contact list.

Fmwhatsapp application function

No hidden charges

Once you and your friends download this app, you can chat with it. You can send onemillion messages to your friends free of charge every day. Fmwhatsapp uses your Internet connection: use 3g/edge or wireless networks when available.

Multimedia short message service

Send videos, pictures, and voice files to your friends. (to send and save video files, you need to use iPhone)

No international charges

Just as you don't need to pay extra for sending international emails, you don't need to pay for sending international fmwhatsapp messages. As long as your friends also have fmwhatsapp messenger installed, you can chat with friends all over the world and avoid the annoyance caused by international SMS fees.

Mobile number Association

Why bother to remember one set of passwords or user names after another? Just like SMS, fmwhatsapp can be combined with your mobile number and the information in your existing mobile phone address book.

Login / exit free

You no longer need to be confused about quitting applications on your computer or other devices. Fmwhatsapp can always be enabled and connected by using the push notification service.

No need to add friends

This application can automatically realize the connection between you and your contact person by using the information in your mobile phone address book. Contacts who have installed fmwhatsapp will be automatically displayed under the "Favorites" list, which is similar to a list of friends. (of course, you can edit your "Favorites" list in any way at any time)

Offline information

Even if you miss the push notification or close your iPhone, fmwhatsapp will save the information you received when you were offline until you retrieve and view it when you use the app again.


You can use the status function of fmwhatsapp to tell your contact whether you are busy, in a meeting, in a fitness or online.

In addition to the above software functions, fmwhatsapp has more advantages: you can share addresses, exchange contact information, set personalized wallpapers, notification ringtones, horizontal display mode, accurate information compilation time records, e-mail chat records, and broadcast information and multimedia information to multiple contacts at the same time. In addition, this application has more other advantages.

Fmwhatsapp benefits

1. Fast speed in app

2. Support multi work, and the resume speed is fast

3. Support multi language input

4. Support the transmission of pictures and voice clips

5. Support location sharing

6. Support push notification and live tile

7. Support group dialogue